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Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

Dr. Rispler’s tattoo removal procedures involve the use of some of the highest class laser technology.  He has performed over 10,000 successful tattoo removal procedures with precise laser devices, resulting in unique results for each individual patient. With more than 30 lasers maintained at his office. Dr. Rispler can treat various tattoos of various forms, color, and composition.

Dr. Rispler’s laser technologies include the Q-switch Yag, Q-switch Ruby, and the nanosecond tattoo removal machine.

The Q-switch Yag laser uses wavelengths of 532 nm or 1064 nm with concentrated energy densities, high repetition, and large beam diameter.  This allows for rapid and effective treatment of closely clustered and deep tattoos.  It has the deepest penetration and has the most minimal risk of hypopigmentation.  The laser is ideal for patients with darker skin tones and effective for the removal of red, yellow, and orange pigments.

The Q-switched ruby laser can be optimal for the removal of black, blue-black, and dark blue pigments. It remains one of the best lasers for tattoo removal and pigmented lesions.  The treats can be short and effective with adjustable spot sizes.  It works by producing short pulses of energy that are high in intensity. The lift from the laser is absorbed by the tattoo pigments, heating it up and causing it to disintegrate into small particles so the body can naturally dispose of it.

The nanosecond tattoo removal machine uses a nanosecond pulse that is shorter than traditional technology.  This provides an unmatched photomechanical impact for efficient results with less treatments and fluence.

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