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tattoo removal safety

Can a Tattoo be Safely Removed?

The answer is yes, but without lasers, there can be risks. The advanced technology used by an increasing number of dermatologists and surgeons allows ink to be removed easily and quickly from skin. This is the right way to have tattoos removed – you will not only be tattoo-free, but not have to say “OW!” during the whole treatment. Super Tattoo Removal uses a combination of newly introduced multi wavelength lasers, pico, and nano technology. Therefore, Dr. Rispler and his team can remove any color tattoo ink with up to 50% less treatment time while improving existing scars, virtually pain free and economical.

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laser removal

Removing an Unwanted Tattoo with Lasers

The newest lasers can remove tattoos by breaking up the pigments. The pigments absorb the laser wavelengths, with the colors matched to the target wavelengths. Short pulses of light from the lasers pass harmlessly through the uppermost layers of skin. The tattoo pigment becomes fragmented into smaller particles which are then removed by the immune system.

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after-care instructions

After-Care Instructions for Tattoo Removal

After your tattoo removal procedure, keep the treated area clean and dry. Use soap and pat the area dray. Blistering can occur 8 hours after treatment, this is not a cause for concern and actually indicates that your immune system is working to heal the area.

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